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The Deep Black : Reloaded is a arcade video game in the “Action” genre (third person shooter). Deep Black features extensive gameplay (40 single player missions in 4 different environments) that offers a mix of terrestrial and underwater battles, which so far has no direct analogues in this genre in the global video games market.

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System Requirements
- OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
- RAM: 1GB
- Graphic card: DirectX 9, 10 or 11 compatible NVidia or AMD ATI card. NVidia GeForce 8800 or higher. ATI equivalent. Intel Integrated Graphics HD3000+.
- Graphics card memory: 256 MB
- Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
- Hard drive: 3 GB



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Gamerscritic Italy 77%
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Electronic Theatre UK 78%
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thenerdmagazine 7.5 / 10
Thirteen 1 69 / 100
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Wanderson 3.75 / 5
Gamerscritic 77/100
impulsegamer 75/100

Parada Brazil 80%
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Hungamer Hungary 75%
Jatekok Hungary 70%
Playerone TV France 70%

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Debut Trailer

Game support Razer Hydra controller

10 minutes of Gameplay


The year is 2047. Global megacorporations known as keiretsu have supplanted governments around the world. The most powerful of these is Ishiguro-Himmel Systems (IHS), headquartered in Berlin. Those nations that remain have been driven to the brink of war by a struggle for dwindling natural resources. In order to survive, these countries have banded together into two multinational supraorganizations that pool their wealth and military might in a quest for survival: The United Federation of Gondwana, which comprises South America, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia; and the Global Strategic Alliance (GSA), which includes North America, Europe, and northern Asia.

For years, Gondwana and the GSA have been the dominant powers, thwarting the growth of companies like IHS. However, with the recent discovery of a fallen meteorite, all that is about to change...


CHARON: Short for CHief Amphibious Reconnaissance Operations Network. An independent military organization specializing in aquatic warfare. Its operatives have been hired by both the GSA and Gondwana. Syrus Pierce was once CHARON's finest operative.

Ichthys: A malevolent artificial intelligence, Ichthys was created by IHS technicians in order to conduct the extremely difficult tests on the unstable elements discovered in the meteorite. Ichthys also manages all facilities involved with XS testing and refinement, and it controls the various drones. Over the course of the game, the AI develops a profound hatred for Pierce.

IHS: Ishiguro-Himmel Systems, a Berlin-based company and the world's largest keiretsu (megacorporation). IHS has offices and sprawling operational networks across the globe, sometimes taking up entire cities. Due to the massive revenue that the company generates, both Gondwana and the GSA have turned a blind eye to abuses of power, but IHS is becoming so large that the supraorganizations are beginning to worry. The company's scientists have created a series of facilities responsible for XS testing and refinenment; these are managed by an artificial intelligence named Ichthys. Their goal is to weaponize the elements that they've discovered inside the meteorite.

IHS Security Services: The company's security team consists of ex-military and former law-enforcement officers. In parts of the world where IHS is nearly a form of government unto itself, the security team's soldiers tend to enforce the law as they see fit, typically in brutal fashion.

GSA: The Global Strategic Alliance, which consists of North America, Europe, and northern Asia. Led by President Koumori, the GSA has historically only had to content with one rival: Gondwana. However, IHS has grown in power and influence recently, and there is concern that it might become large enough to pose a threat to the other two superpowers.

Gondwana: The United Federation of Gondwana, which consist of South America, Africa, Australia, and southern Asia. This supraorganization is the GSA's primary rival. Rich in natural resources, Gondwana has nonetheless had to contend with the GSA's superior infrastructure.

Al-Azrad: Headquartered somewhere in the Roba el Khaliyeh, a desert in Yemen, Al-Azrad is a terror network whose goals remain uncertain. They are responsible for numerous atrocities, but unlike other terror groups, they rarely take credit for their work. Both Gondwana and the GSA have hired CHARON operatives to infiltrate and destroy Al-Azrad cells, with mixed results. In 2044, Lieutenant Syrus Pierce led a squad of CHARON mercenaries against a cell in Rome. The operation was successful, in that it resulted in the death of three terrorists and it prevented a major terrorist attack against the Vatican. However, during the next operation, his squad was all but wiped out. Only Pierce and Velasco survived. Pierce retired, and Velasco took his place as team leader. Pierce has often thought about joining CHARON once again in order to extract his revenge, so this current operation is a welcome opportunity for him.