Founded in 2007, BIART is an independent international technology and entertainment products developer. BIART has developed a world class proprietary 3D engine technology.

Biart successfully released games for Apple iOS, Android, PCs, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Sony PlayStation Portable.

Biart is Intel’s Premier Elite partner, NVIDIA’s, ARM's and Qualcomm's technological partner.

Biart's mission is development and producing of highly technological entertainment projects, that would give unique gaming experience to players.

Company was founded by Konstantin Popov. Konstantin set up a games development studio, Biart Company, in 2005 and launched its first title – Diver: Deep Water Adventures - as a producer and investor in 2007. Konstantin has produced the following projects: Deep Black (2012, PS3, XBOX 360, PC), Deep Black: Reloaded (2012, PC), Depth Hunter (2013, PC), Depth Hunter 2 (2014, PC, iOS, Android), Check Dive (2008, PC), Reef Aquarium (2009, PSP) и Scuba Diver Adventures (2014, iOS, Android, PC).

Konstantin was in charge of the company’s relocation to the USA in 2011. Konstantin brought the company into 20+ product distribution agreements and a technological partnership with major companies. Konstantin was formerly a technical designer to the cross-platform games and applications development technology biEngine.