biEngine technology

The game development software technology biEngine allows the Company to create high-quality game products for PC, Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Sony PlayStation Portable.

The biEngine technology is designed and adapted for the development of different types of games and edutainment software. The biEngine technology is a game “engine”, a central programming component of a game, which is in essence a software system designed for the development of games that contains all the necessary tools for creating, editing and running the game. biEngine consists of the core program code which provides hardware platform abstraction (independence from the architecture of target device) and a number of functional modules which can be universally connected to the game engine.

The main components of biEngine are:

• Multiplatform 3D-graphics rendering engine. There is a fully dynamic lighting and shadows system, lightmaps for mobile devices. Support of the majority of designer techniques for editing of rendering results (shaders, post-processing, special effects, etc). The render is optimized for Intel HD graphics.

• Multi-threaded architecture.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI). Implementation of generalized path-finding algorithm in the arbitrary 3D space (air, land and underwater). A cost-effective technique of adding new game objects based on preprogrammed logics of behavior. A scripting language with visual and manual scripting.

• Sound system. Full integration with professional audio library FMOD and own sound system.

• Sequences and cutscenes system. A visual editor for AI scripting, in-game movies creation, etc.

• Physics engine. Support of NVIDIA PhysX middleware for PC and consoles. Also the engine has integrated Biart’s physics system for mobile platforms. Processing of work related to behavior of physical particles is optimized for GPU (graphics processing unit), which enables accelerating the visualization of 3D computer graphics in the game.

• Network service. Support of client-server solution, Steam service, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network.

• FX system. Features rich FX system.

• Animation system. Skeleton animation.

• GUI system. Collection of standard GUI templates, which help to produce TCR ready titles.

• DRM service. Anti-piracy solution.

Main technology advantages:

• Support of the wide range of devices - from PC (including support of Intel HD Graphics) to mobile devices and game consoles. The content should be done only once, and then engine automatically optimizes it, depending on the target platform.

• Convenient licensing. The ability to develop free and pay only for additional services and / or the professional version of the technology.

• Modern toolset.

• Set of pre-defined templates and modules for easy implementation of the game’s features.