This is our first game. We released it in 2007. Old engine.

You can download and try the it. If the game is working well on your PC, you can buy the game serial from the Activation menu.


"The first major diving simulator can easily stay afloat, and the potential audience it is large enough: Today on Earth about 20 million certified divers, plus innumerable wishing to join this army. For fresh ears visible entourage of successful projects from related genres (for example, the port moved from the bars like a Freelancer ), but they are cleverly woven into the overall fabric. Perhaps this should be immersed in the world, symbolizing the spirit of liberty, of wandering and discovery."

"Diver: Deep Water Adventure is a great game for gamers looking for something different and an even better game for Scuba Divers as they will appreciate the mixture of realistic scuba simulation with the fun but not so realistic ability to shoot at passing sharks with a spear gun while exploring fascinating dive sites in almost lifelike rendering."

In this game you are going to become familiar with the underwater world and experience endless range of unforgettable adventures. But you can begin to earn your living by diving only after you succeed in passing courses and get a diver’s certificate and after you buy necessary equipment. Special attention in the game is paid to authenticity. All underwater missions are based on real sites and events.

Taking photos of rare species of underwater fauna, treasure hunting, researching sunken submarines, vessels and crashed transports, immersion to the Loch Ness lake and to the area of Bermudan triangle, neutralization of the dangerous legacy of World War II and death combats with sea predators and black divers, cruel competition for the information and artifacts - all these and many other thrilling missions cant wait to carry you away into staggering world of the game Diver: Deep Water Adventures.

Here's what Diver: Deep Water Adventures has to offer:

- Complex diving simulator
- Mix of strategy/action
- Unlimited nonlinear gameplay
- 2 modes of gameplay: arcade, simulator
- Video teaching system
- Opportunity to research real sunken boats, planes, cities
- More than 15 real diving sites
- Real equipment
- Possibility of underwater photography
- Night-time and day-time diving