New reviews of Depth Hunter

PC GAMER Review of Depth Hunter "The environments in Depth Hunter are quite pretty, there are giant manta rays, which are fun to look at, there are a lot of activities and a free mode for just swimming around on your own. Overall this was an enjoyable simulation, right up until I was horribly murdered by a cursed immortal pirate and forced to serve for all eternity in his underwater pirate army, never again to know warmth or rest or peace."

Dad's Gaming Addiction Review "We know very little about Earth in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it’s been estimated that ninety-five percent of our planet’s waters remain unexplored. When I came across this game, I started thinking about all of the other games I’ve owned or played in my lifetime that had a marine-like setting…I’ll be honest, I didn’t come up with very many. This didn’t surprise me much, considering that there’s still so much to learn about those majestic masses of blue we call oceans. “Depth Hunter” takes us under the sea and puts the player into the role of a diver that will be tasked with hunting various species of fish."

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