Deep Black at IDF 2012 Brazil

Doug Fisher, VP and General Manager of System Software Divisions of Intel Corporation showcasing Deep Black at his keynote at IDF Brazil in Sao Paulo.

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Biart's technology biEngine allows creating 3D-games with both modern content level and high-speed performance.

With biEngine, you can develop games for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Apple iOS.

If you are interested in meeting us at forthcoming E3 2012, please feel free to contact us at or Konstantin Popov directly (Linkedin).

Game Developers Discuss Ivy Bridge DirectX11 Support at GDC 2012

With the launch of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics (codename Ivy Bridge), several game companies are excited about the possibilities that Ivy Bridge DirectX11 support provides. Hear from Gabe Newell (Valve), Rich Lawrence (Sony Online Entertainment), Wolfgang Engel (Confetti), Konstantin Popov (Biart), and Simon Humphreys (Codemasters) as they describe how Ivy Bridge DirectX11 support enables their games.

Biart optimized their engine and games for Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge.

Deep Black: Reloaded and 3D. Why developers should integrate NVIDIA 3D Vision?

Short interview.

"Video games strive to stand out using a variety of techniques, ranging from “shock value” of the graphics to unusual control mechanisms. But adding 3D into the game play does more than just change the dynamic; it opens a door to altering the game play from conventional 2D expectations to something more. This can be seen in the Briat Company’s “Deep Black: Reloaded,” a third-person PC shooter title (now out with console versions in the works). With the majority of the game taking place underwater, it’s evident that the 3D element can be used more effectively than might be the case on land. To gain further knowledge of this, we turn to the company’s CEO, Konstantin Popov."

Deep Black: Episode 1 - 70 / 100

We really hope that players will like our game! Deep Black: Episode 1 will be good for players, who like arcade shooting.
Try free demo on your Xbox!

First review:

"ZTGameDomain" Apr 27, 2012
Rating: 70/100

"Deep Black: Episode One is an interesting game. It doesn't do anything outstanding, nor does it do anything offensive. If you like third-person shooters, you will probably find some enjoyment here. I won't say it is really worth the price tag, but if you see it on sale for $10, I definitely recommend picking it up. The core game is a decent length, and the mechanics work. I actually really enjoyed the underwater segments. If you have a hankering for some underwater cover shooting, then Deep Black is easily worth checking out."

Depth Hunter is released in UK by Lace Mamba Global

Hunt different species of fish and face the difficulties of breath-holding spearfishing, an ancient fishing method. Search for treasures and take underwater photos to capture the beauty of the simulated, detailed and lively underwater worlds!

Lace Mamba Global Ltd. (LMG), one of the UK's leading independent computer and video game publishers, is a partnership between Mamba Games and the UK's leading DVD distribution company, Lace Group.

With a solid distribution network throughout the world and specializing in releases in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and various countries in the Gulf region, Lace Mamba Global is publishing games of all genres. Recent releases include the FPS Red Orchestra 2 – Heroes of Stalingrad, RTS games of the critically acclaimed Men of War series, Men of War: Assault Squad and Men of War: Vietnam, or the independently developed platforming smash hit Super Meat Boy.

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